I am going to abandon this wordpress blog for awhile. There’s a post that’s been in draft for weeks, explaining my rationale and purpose, but it’s going to remain in draft. The short version:

The passing of Proposition 8 has completely altered the way I comprehend my moral obligation to American Society. The post is long and convoluted and detailed, but basically amounts to “Fuck You America; if you’re willing to actively vote to remove citizenship rights for some Americans, I’m not about to indenture myself into your servitude for an undisclosed period of time with the hope that I might someday earn the right to be considered a full human being.”

My new angry and bitter outlook doesn’t have a whole hell of a lot of room in it for wanting to “make the world a better place.” Since that’s what Confabulation: talking it over is the first step to making it happen is really all about, I need to take a break.

I’m working on a new online project to catalogue any potentially entertaining or amusing aspects of my upcoming move to New York City. It’ll begin in March, and I can share the URL with anyone who’s interested when the time comes.  I’m also going to spend some time just goofing off and/or learning new things — watching NCIS and chatting with Sam about our love of Gibbs/Abby, and getting my Dad to teach me how to solder and weld  in order to make some SteamPunk home accessories.  Entertaining and amusing pursuits that have nothing to do with social responsibility and no practical life application. It’s not much, but it’s certainly better than turning into a misanthropic bastard, a la House.

So, Happy New Year. May 2009 bring better fortune than 2008.


Presents are wrapped and under the tree/tucked into stockings.  Juice is poured and fleece jammies are donned.  Carols play list is cued up on iTunes.

The snow is falling down in Hogsmeade
Malfoy is losing a snowball fight
The thestrals have had their fill of egg nog
And Peeves is singing Silent Night
~ 12:05 AM, The Ministry of Magic

A joyous yuletide to all, with love and joy.

Automatically posting tweets to the blog seemed like an interesting experiment a week ago — I use Twitter more frequently than other tools, and I tend to engage in a broader selection of topics. But in actuality, it just seems silly.

Sorry Loudtwitter, I’m shipping out.

  • 00:36 17 straight hours of stitching later, stockings for the twins are embroidered. My hands are killing me. #
  • 02:41 NOW it feels like Christmas vacation – awake until 3am reading a Christmas story and sipping holiday beverages. "Visions of sugarplums," etc #
  • 10:07 Delighting in steampunky goodness. thesteampunkhome.blogspot.com/ #
  • 15:02 @ericagee I still like the first ones you looked at best — the outside curve of the lens was just so flattering for your face. #
  • 17:06 @ericagee I like! #
  • 23:26 Mystified as to how anyone can actually see the pope as a true leader. The guy’s roughly on par with W, and wears a stupid hat. What gives? #

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I’ve been mentally rearranging my focus over the last few days of vacation (especially during yesterday’s 17-hour embroidery festival), determining what I’ll be devoting my time and interest to in the coming months. I’ve had design on the brain for the last two years — I just can’t stop exploring the creative process at work, and admiring the results of honest labor.  But I’ve let mild interest and my bizarre desire to know “as much as possible, everything there is to know” about previously unexplored elements trap me into studying things I don’t find all that interesting.

Case in point: Over the last two years I’ve explored all sorts of minimalist and contemporary design elements and histories, read three dozen books about small-space living, streamlining, refinishing and restoring and whatnot, and I’ve learned two very important things.

  • “Mid-century Modern,” which is the staunchly guarded Keep of the 50 most popular/oft-quoted design blogs/publications, reminds me of nothing so much as elementary school furniture and decor, no matter how big the designer’s name (or price tag). The visual is one sensory memory away from the smell of 22 sets of parkas, moon boots, and mittens dripping snow melt onto kid-friendly carpet all day, every day, from Thanksgiving through April Fools Day. Ew.
  • Minimalist often equals sparse, another word for “empty.”  Empty rooms look gorgeous in photographs and paintings, full of artistic light, with dreams and possibilities abounding just outside the frame.  But empty rooms are boring as hell in person. I don’t do boring in anything.

I’m letting go of the design obsession, which I don’t even really *like* all that much. And letting in something new.  Well, not new exactly, but recently brought back to focus.

I am a big fan of the Steampunk aesthetic — for years, I called it “old-fashioned, fantasy library style.” Example (beware the geekiness beyond this parenthetical note): one of the things that should have survived all of my trimming and purging of useless belongings is a set of blueprints I drew up as a young adolescent, blueprints for my dream home. It’s essentially a steampunky wizard’s cottage, complete with astronomy observation deck, rooftop herb garden, walls of rotating bookshelves with mechanical library ladders, a gas lighting system, and a circular fireplace with a chimney running straight up through the building to provide ambient heat and cooling to the whole structure.  If I can find the plans, I’d like to have them framed — they’d look awesome above a shelf with my brass hourglass, lapis  globe, and a carved wooden cigar box (filled with old snapshots from the 40s and 50s, of my grandparents and their shipmates).

I have a number of steampunky novels to rip through in the next couple of weeks. I’ve a couple of “I could make that” projects brewing in the back of my mind. I’m looking forward to building a new living space full of nooks and crannies, filled with tucked-away gems to inspire a well-lived, creativity-focused life.

Here’s to 2009 — out with the commonplace, in with the geek.

  • 06:09 Not a glimmer of dawn, yet the world glows blue and white. Rather like Lothlorien by starlight. #
  • 11:40 My family is crazy, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. tinyurl.com/95zgzu #
  • 11:52 @dannybu I mean, "not included in popular compilations" — not typical. Or, rare arrangements of well-known songs. Not one of "the greats." #
  • 12:25 @ericagee I agree with Kathryn! #

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  • 07:08 Listening to swing, making today’s shopping list, and dreaming of Christmases long since past. #
  • 07:23 Have a NYC bank account, a leasing agent, movers, and an externally imposed deadline for vacating my current office. Progress! #
  • 16:04 Saratoga, don’t even think about complaining that the storm was "bad for business" when 2/3 of your shops didn’t open on pre-Xmas Sunday. #
  • 16:05 @Nedra I know I do — put the blackberry on speaker and set it in my lap. :o) #
  • 17:01 Listening to Miss Saigon and wrapping Christmas presents. My love of depressing art at optimistic times is warped, isn’t it? #
  • 21:00 @Clay_Zambo Art – the shortest word in my vocabulary for the combination of creative pursuit and craft which is musical theatre. Problem? #
  • 21:18 Alright music/dance people, rec me an esoteric swing composition. I’m looking to expand my collection and repertoire. #

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