$424 $460 later, I have a new wheel bearing, new calipers, and new brakes on the Alero. The car is, as my awesome mechanic whom I love to death says, “purring like a love-starved kitten making herself at home.”

But so much for splitting my stimulus check between automobile and bicycle repair. Putting enough money into the Schwinn to make it road-ready may not be possible unless I give up the CSA share for the summer, since I would need the income for both projects up front, not spread through the summer.

I’m in a bit of a quandary.

Is it better to give up driving three days a week for the summer and fall, relying on human-powered transportation on those days, or better to support a local, organic farm with the income they need when they need it? The CSA drop-off site is far enough away that I’d have to drive to it, while there is a Farmer’s Market just four miles from home that I could bike to with ease — the closer FM is committed to the 100-mile rule and there are organic products available, but no CSA.

I need to get more exercise, and I’m stressing about that, but I also need to get myself back into cooking. I have the garden, which will supply some muscular workouts and some of my favorite foods — could I give up the CSA “veg box” idea, and just supplement with individual foods as needed? Or is that a selfish, look-out-for-myself-and-screw-the-community mindset?