I am sitting in my living room, ensconced in my favorite chair (a wingback with decidedly frayed and faded pink velvet upholstery) with my feet up on a still-too-new-to-fit-in chocolate brown ottoman, and warmly bundled in a red fleece blanket. The kettle on the kitchen stove is about 90 seconds too cool for the piercing whistle indicating a perfect pouring temperature for Lavender Earl Grey. The tips of my lilac bush are just visible above the windowsill where a small, plump white cat is settled back on her haunches, watching the birds wing toward the feeder. What’s out of the ordinary for this bit of evening imagery is that my laptop is resting on my lap, and I’m currently typing these very words, into the WordPress “new post” window — something never-before possible.

Except that fifteen minutes ago, I completed the secure setup of my very own wireless router, and have networked the desktop and laptop together, simultaneously online via “excellent” and “Strong” wireless service. Considering how savvy I am NOT when it comes to hardware, this is just completely loaded with win.

Go me!

(And there’s the whistle.)