That’s a tag line I read frequently — I think it’s attached to one of the blogs I read, but I can’t for the life of me figure out which one. (That or its a marketing jingle firmly ingrained in my brain from somewhere.) It’s also a great descriptor for a Low Impact Living article that arrived in my inbox this morning. I’ve been on this greener, healthier, more organic, more earth-friendly kick for more than a year now, so have exhausted my audience with my nagging tones. But LIL has another reason for eating greener — keeping some of that oh-so-scarce greenery safely in your wallet. That’s right — in some regards, it’s now cheaper to eat better. Thank you skyrocketing oil prices.

Nine Money-Saving Tips for Eating Greener

In accordance with tip number one, I’ve definitely cut back on meat, buying better quality dairy products to compensate for some of the protein, and relying on adding nuts and legumes in small amounts to other dishes. That’s worked wonders for my budget, even when buying only humanely treated, non-industrial animal products. As for tip two … I had a tiny blade steak of pasture-raised beef; marinated it for two days in a mesquite sauce, seared it on a stovetop grill, then sliced the whole thing into “tips” and grilled the small pieces over high heat to blacken them, sealing the juices inside. Tremendously flavorful, and served alongside a handful of raw carrots and bell pepper, with cubed pineapple. Yum!