I want to do this. If I’m honest with myself, and I really stop worrying about what other people think of me — good or ill, those who love me best or those who are mere acquaintances — I want to embark on a bit of adventure. Can I truly turn the negatives about life in Manhattan into positives?

  • Mom, Dad, and Nana are going to be living upstate, a train ride and then some away.
    – This is not something that can be altered or changed — I can’t “pack them in my pocket” and bring them with me.
    – They are all in good health, and are certainly capable of taking care of themselves.
  • Any living space I can find in New York is going to be smaller than what I can find in upstate.
    – I’ve just spent the day reading Rebecca Tanqueray’s Small Spaces: there are things that I can do to make any space seem larger, and feel inviting.
    – Renting will give me less autonomy than if I own an apartment or condo, but I will have options.
    – Outfitting a Manhattan apartment will require quite a bit of money at the outset, particularly in terms of furniture that will act as storage; some of what I have will have to be left behind and then replaced.
  • Food is going to be far more expensive in the city than it is here, and I’m not sure to what degree
  • Midtown is ugly
    – Not everything about midtown is ugly, just the majority of what I’ll see at the office
    – It’s not really much worse than the plazas around Loudonville, which always strike me as cheap and trashy.
    – I’m not going to be *living* in midtown.
  • Open space is going to be hard to find
    – the “big sky” won’t be as apparent in the city; I’m going to have to look for it.
    – the Hiking Mates MeetUp group for NYC has a half-dozen “within the burroughs” hikes and long walks listed — there is going to be nature space that’s accessible with a little planning.

What else?