1. The type of e-mail it’s never nice to wake up to, particularly on a Saturday, when it means that a number of people are having a really crappy weekend:

To:     All Employees
From: Important Boss
RE:     Staff Change

Yesterday was One Individual’s last day with the organization.  See me with any questions.

2. There’s something delightful about rainy Saturday afternoons.  Sure it would be nice to be playing outside in the sunshine, rollerblading in the park, or working on my bike, but it’s also nice to be cooking up a storm in the kitchen and planning to lounge about with a pair of movies and some old photographs — without feeling like a schmuck for “staying inside on a beautiful day.”

3. Baby goats are adorable.  Particularly brown baby goats named Lucy, who headbutt one’s knees and sit on one’s feet and beseechingly bleat about their search for love and affection.  I imagine the bleating would less adorable at 2 o’clock in the morning.