What does my desire to revel in excitement about NYC translate into for this blog? A new tag, and a soon-to-be-collection of posts looking for the detailed tidbits of individual “what you loves.” It might be irregular (read: I might not remember to keep it on a consistent schedule), but it will be repeating over the next year — asking for a short answer to the question “What do you love about NYC?” Now, I’m not looking for general, one-word answers here, or big picture responses — the usual, same-old, same-old. Details, people, quirks. What have you, yourself, in your individual, beautiful, unique life found memorable and lovable about this magnificent city I want to call home?

So, first up. What do you love about art in New York City?

I am in love with Luis Sanguino’s sculpture, The Immigrants, installed in Battery Park.  More specifically, I love the detail of the base of the statue; it fills me with a sense of hope and wonder and courage. The uneven bronze verdigris, and the manner in which the feet of the figures are positioned, some gripping the “ground,” poised to spring forward with anticipation, others barely able to support bodies that, for weeks, knew only the roll of a ship’s deck.  The way the hem of the woman-with-infant’s dress is captured in motion while she herself leans back in wonder.  There is something profound and humbling about those feet.

What do you love about art in New York City?