1. It’s carpool day
    Mom and I rode in together on a summery morning drive, chatted about Dad’s birthday celebration, Father’s Day thoughts, ideas for her birthday celebration (and of course she clammed right up), and plans for our joint vacation time during the first week of July — we’re going to spend a day in NYC, wandering neighborhoods and thinking about places to live!
  2. Moleskine = FOUND
    I thought I lost one of my favorite notebooks last week, and was trying not to be too bummed out about it. It’s got a few recipes for things I haven’t tried cooking yet, my “Life Highlights through Age 25” list, phone numbers for new work contacts, and sketches for poems that I was going to write when I first bought it five years ago — they’re terrible, but I’m still not ready to part with the ideas that inspired them. When I arrived this morning, the little black nugget was sitting in the middle of my desk, so happy to be home. I don’t know who found it, or realized that it’s mine, but I’m thrilled.
  3. Breakfast of Champions Apricots
    I brought my last perfectly formed, ripened, fragrant apricot with me for breakfast this morning. Apricots are the taste of early morning sunshine in July; I felt as if I was filching time from the bottle of summer stored on Nature’s shelf of seasonings.

However, iGoogle seems awfully temperamental this morning — 2/3 of my gadgets aren’t loading.