There is so much to say about this weekend — the all-day and all-night Relay event on Friday with friends and family from all over the place, the utter lack of sleep on Saturday and finding a gorgeous new author to help me through exhaustion-induced insomnia, Sunday morning volunteering at the annual Tour de Cure, playing “stage Mom” to a fabulous little girl who dances quite well for someone with her level of experience. It’s going to be a busy day (week?), so I may not get to the details right away, but there is one absolutely insane thing I need to share.

I adore Judy Garland — she is, perhaps, my favorite female vocalist of all time. I’m also particularly fond of the film Meet Me in St. Louis (because of the behind-the-scenes story as well as the film itself — during which she met and fell in love with Vincente Minnelli). But a house remix of The Trolley Song?  I nearly died.