Can I say how much I love my friends? They make it a point, during the times when I live in the windowless, locks-from-the-outside room that is my office, to tell me things like this:

Governor Patterson opened a phone line to determine how much New Yorkers support his directive to recognize all legal same-sex marriages from other states and countries — the line runs into the Executive Office, and as best I could tell from my brief conversation, is ringing off the hook:

*Phone rings*
Secretary: Executive Office, please hold.
Me: Su-
Secretary: Thank you for calling the Governor’s Office, how may I help you.
Me: –re. Hello! My name is Confabulation* and I’m calling to say that I absolutely support the Governor’s Directive to recognize same-sex marriage.
Secretary: Okay. I’ll just need to make note of your zip code.
Me: Of course; I’m at #$%^&.
Secretary: Thanks very much; you’re all set.
Me: No, thank you. Have a lovely day.

Do you want to do something awesome today? Pick up the phone, dial 518-474-8390 and make a similar call for yourself.

* Yes, I gave my real name and my real zip code. Duh.