Did you know that it’s possible to drive a Prius without having keys for the vehicle in hand or on your person? It’s common knowledge that the keys don’t need to be in the ignition, merely in proximity to the car, but apparently, that proximity is only necessary in order to start the car and shift gears to “Drive.” However, if the car is on and idling and the keys are removed – are taken into the basement of a hospital, for instance – one can easily drive the car for twelve miles without noticing any diminished performance — or indeed, having any indication that the keys are not in the vehicle. When one stops, of course – perhaps in the parking lot of a Starbucks – and powers down the car, it becomes clear very quickly that the driver of such a car is stranded. This is particularly inconvenient for the poor person who must be asked to rescue the original driver and the original passenger who are separated by a twelve mile stretch of land and water – one with the car, one with the keys.

Thanks, Dad.