I am on vacation. I am officially on vacation. My blackberry is off. Not just tucked in a bag in the other room inside it’s cute little magnetized case, but powered down by the shiny silver button on top. I have no intention of turning it back on until Tuesday morning when I leave for NYC, and will need to call Clay to make plans for the evening. I am going to do absolutely nothing for the next ten days.

I have a stack of books on the coffee table downstairs — Traitor’s Moon, which I need to finish before I can start Shadows Return so that I can leave Lynn another great review on Amazon, the second in the Chronicles of Pemberley series (hurrah for sanctioned Jane Austen fanfic!), Atonement (which has been on my list since Christmas), The God Delusion, Audacity of Hope (it’s been on my shelf for a year, so I’d like to read it before I go to the polls to elect Barack), Persia Cafe, and a re-read of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series, as I await my turn at the final of the six from the library. (Since fantasy novels are my preferred airplane reading when I can escape from tech manuals, I can’t bear to purchase them in hardcover — they’re just too heavy to lug through security.)

The stereo is tuned to The Fan so that I can catch the plethora of Yankee games scheduled for the week.

I spent this morning weeding and watering the garden, training the beans up the new trellis, thinning the basil and fennel, harvesting the cherry tomatos, transplanting wildflowers from pots into windowboxes, stacking a pile of firewood, cleaning the storage rack, and sweeping the patio — it’s now a gorgeous little oasis where I’ll spend my mornings and evenings (after I do another thinning of carrots and harvest the lettuces tonight).

I’ve become an official subscriber to the Irish and Celtic Music podcast, which includes a subscription to Songhenge, so my iPod is now chock full of new Celtic (traditional, celtic rock, celtic folk, a little punk-inspired stuff), Renaissance Fair (Sterling in August, anyone?!), and New-Age music — I’m so thrilled I can’t begin to describe how much.

My beach bag is packed with swimsuits, towels, sunscreen and aloe — I’ll be heading poolside in an hour or so to enjoy the already very warm day.

Birthday gifts for Mom and Freddy J are arranged, wrapped, and ready to be delivered.

My rollerblades are in great shape and my carrybag is loaded with extra socks, gel-lotion for the inside of my wrist guards, and there’s a bottle of cooling spritzer in the fridge waiting for my first trip.

I’m ready for NYC on Tuesday — I’ve flagged numerous pages in my Newcomer’s guide to New York City and have made several lists in my new Moleskine of important things to note while wandering about. I found the NYC Fireman’s Museum, so Dad can enjoy an off-the-beaten-path excursion in the midst of all my neighborhood-hunting. I can catch up with Clay in the midst of his final rehearsals, and my colleague Sarah has graciously agreed to point out some of the finer points of Chelsea (where she’s lived for three years). And I know this will be time well-spent — in each of four conversations with Boss this week, he remarked on how inconvenient my current location is for planning “much of anything,” and how expensive air travel is to headquarters in Atlanta.

I’m getting out all of my internet-needs — I played about with wordle.net this morning, after reading Gala’s highlight over at iCiNG. Cool text-cloud generator; I copied in the text of one of my posts from earlier this month, as well as a lit of other things that make me smile, or cause me to think or dream, or inspire me to act. A highly recommended mind-jogging diversion.

dreams, inspirations, bits & bobs of joy

And having done that, and read through my list of new material on Google-reader and LJ … I’m good to go.

Seems like a pretty interesting load of “nothing” for my next ten days. And it all kicks of with a celebratory campfire tonight at 7pm. If you know where I live, feel free to come over. I have all the fixin’s for Smore’s — just bring your own stick. (And remember that I don’t have a coffeepot; bring the camp perker if you want a hot caffeinated beverage!)

Happy summer to all…