Not that I’m complaining, as work is fantastically awesome. It’s just that I’d gotten used to living without a schedule. I got home only a bit before 11 last night, and I’ve been at the office since 7 this morning, with no plan to leave shortly. Tomorrow and Thursday are also full. As for Friday … oh, dear Friday.

Think good, sobering, powerful, happy, optimistic thoughts for me on Friday at noon. I have a preliminary move-to-NYC negotiation meeting with my boss, immediately followed by a meeting with his boss to make the formal pitch regarding additional staff for my department and a new service ticket software system. I’m nearly a million dollars above goal, with projections for an insane amount of growth in the next year.  And I have every expectation that we’ll meet each goal. However, we’re approaching (if not already ankle-deep in) a Recession that’s sending philanthropic professionals running for their smelling salts. In other words, if the budget belts are cinched too tight, I’m going to be stuffed into a very small cave full of rocks and hard places. Mixed metaphors aside, think those good thoughts.

In the meantime, I’m going to finish up the current pile of paperwork on my desk, and enjoy more songs of Lancelot on my iPod and the new red shoes (I’ll snap a photo later) on my feet — no sense entering panic mode until I must.