I spent most of this morning alternately getting work done and surfing the web, specifically looking for resources on micro-living. I found some wonderful sites:

With so much inspiration at hand, and the ideas just tumbling over themselves in my brain, I’m poised at the brink of “take action” mode. Working to stave off the “Must. Start. Packing. NOW” mentality, I attacked the craft case, my spare closet, and my creativity file ruthlessly, paring down and moving out the unnecessary. That, of course, led to the bookcases and the uncased stacks, which led to rearranging furniture, which means I now have an overflowing pile of stuff next to the door awaiting delivery.

  • 50 books culled from the collection, boxed for delivery to Twice Told. The stacks are seriously diminished, and my wall cases look like something a normal person might have organized.
  • Two unneeded suitcases are packed to the gills with extraneous holiday decorations and random bits and bobs of things to be brought to the Salvation Army en route to work Monday morning.
  • My stock of quilting materials (which I haven’t touched since I moved to this apartment) are packed for delivery to Nana tomorrow — firstly because if i haven’t been tempted by any projects in two years I’m not likely to be tempted in the immediate future, and secondly because quilting takes up a hell of a lot of room (storage of materials, laying out of projects, storage of large WIPs, and setting up the sewing machine and actually getting down to business). It makes far more sense to continue with crochet, embroidery and paper-crafting, instead, since those projects tend to be smaller and more portable.
  • I moved all of my clothing into the bedroom, so that I can spend some time culling the unworn or unwanted or just plain out-of-style stuff the next time the purge-mentality strikes. The never-to-be-worn again evening attire is already bagged and in the door-side pile with everything else.
  • Everything I’ve borrowed from someone else has been placed in a bag labeled with the individual’s name and placed in my car, to be returned at our next meeting.

Not bad for a summer Saturday that was just too hot and gross to be spent outside – especially considering that the Yankees won the afternoon game, and I spent the rest of the time listening to Celtic music albums in order to pen reviews for the artists. I feel delightfully productive.

What are your inspirations for simplifying your life, purging the unnecessary, or getting things done?