Items Causing Excitement

  • Planning an incredible brain-storming session with the smartest people I know, from which I will develop an action plan that I get to work on for the next three years
  • The approved PD for my new staff member, which I can’t wait to post
  • Having condensed a 10-day trip to NYC down to 4 days (the insane schedule will be worth it)
  • Seeing Phoebe and Don on August 1 when they’re back on the east coast
  • Camping for three days with my favorite cousins, with no blackberry, no make-up, and no responsibilities
  • “Going out to play” at Becca’s house tonight
  • New goals for slimming myself back down to my preferred weight and body shape and fitness levels, and a blog-based tracking mechanism that will keep me honest.

Items Causing Frustration/Anxiety

  • My little sister, expecting twins William Patrick and Gender Unidentified in December, has been placed on level 2 bedrest for the next two weeks, and there’s pretty much nothing I can do to assist her
  • My work schedule is insane, and I can feel my stress-levels climbing dangerously high.  My “talking to myself” voice is becoming shrill and irritated, which is a sure sign that I’m short of temper.
  • There are disgusting Japanese Beetles having sex and laying eggs all over the leaves of my beautiful beanstalks, and none of the safe-for-organic-farming sprays that I’ve tried has made a bit of difference.  I spent an hour last night picking off the beetles, dropping them on the concrete, and stamping on them, which is NOT a long-term solution.
  • Actually finding time to interview any candidates for the new position is going to be impossible before mid-August.

I wouldn’t be satisfied with a happy medium, because that would be rather boring, but I wish I had just a little more time, or energy.