There are few things more delightful than this morning.

  • Waking up, on a workday, without an alarm, feeling perfectly rested
  • Slipping into my favorite jeans and a yoga tank, spending an hour skimming my feed-reader account, stopping when something captures my interest
  • Setting up the kitchen table as my work station for the day, complete with wildflowers in a vase and a summer-scented candle
  • Brewing a pot of exquisitely perfect English Breakfast tea and being struck with the inspiration to make a cozy for my tea pot (I’ll get around to that, one of these days).
  • Enjoying the distant rumbles of a thunderstorm and the heavy, dark dawn brushing against the windows
  • Settling in and getting an hour of work accomplished, then having a sleek cat, purring insistently, nose her way into my lap for a cuddle — just as the phone rang, forcing me to take my hands off the keyboard anyway.

Tea, cats, jeans with bare feet, inspiring weather, and a pile of challenging, rewarding work at my elbow.  How grand!