Looking at the WordPress stats, a few regular visitors to Confabulation have stumbled upon Slenderizing, my goal-oriented weight-loss blog. As I wrote on the about me page of Slenderizing, I feel fat and am on the verge of hating my body. Thus, the recording of diet and exercise and general reflections on how I feel about both is a specific course of action chosen to stop that mode of thinking, allowing me to feel more comfortable in my (shrinking) skin. That said, I noticed some progress this morning, and wanted to make particular note of it.

I have a gorgeous full slip that I love — lightweight silk that’s perfect for summer, keeping filmy fabrics from sticking to skin when the humidity rachets up. I haven’t been able to wear it all season for size reasons, which has made me very sad in and of itself, but also because it has limited my wardrobe choices, keeping me from wearing some of my favorite skirts.

This morning, I slipped it on “just to see,” and it fit beautifully! I wore it with my favorite skirt (a navy blue , silk CK wrap), vibrant lipstick (Clinique’s Pink Chocolate), and strappy sandals and rocked the fitting rooms this afternoon. Considering this morning’s interactions that seemed expressly designed to make me feel awful, looking great was the best “eat your heart out” response possible.

Not to mention that I was more confident with salesgirls, found almost everything on my list in the right colors and vintage-inspired styles, and didn’t pay full price for anything. Retail Therapy, indeed!