So I’ve not been a huge fan of iTunes until the last year, listening to Podcasts, occasionally buying a piece of music, etc.  Then my fantastic parents bought me a 4G iPod Nano for my birthday, and I’ve been lovely every single thing about it ever since.

But what I just learned absolutely takes the cake.  I can download television. Not just any television, but Torchwood, seasons 1 and 2.  For a measly $25 each — unlike the $60 to $80 pricetags each season is advertised for around the net.

I have a “things I love” post, about Torchwood and Who and Harry Potter and other new books brewing in the back of my head, which will better explain the irrational fangirl squeals of glee that are echoing throughout my house just now, but for the moment trust that this is a Very. Good. Thing.  And if you have not heard of Torchwood, hie thee to iTunes and plunk down $1.99 to download Episode 1 of Season 1, Everything Changes.  And love it, and weep for the perfection.