When I announced my official “Move to NYC” decision a few weeks ago, several of my far-flung friends asked when the floor in my Manhattan flat will be available for sleeping upon.

April 1, 2009

I’m breaking my lease at the end of September at a ridiculous expense, but one which will allow me to save an incredible amount of money through the winter.  I’ll be staying with my exceptionally generous parents beginning October 1, and will hang out until my twin nephews are born and their mom and dad have a life schedule established — then I shall nab a flat and hire movers and flounce off to New York, New York.

If anyone has a lead on a cat-friendly flat,
south of 14th Street in Manhattan,
with 500 square feet of space,
for < $2,600/month,
Please. :o)

So in the immediate future, I have six weeks to jettison half of my possessions and move from a townhouse into a storage unit and a spare room.  Furniture goes up on the List begun by Craig this weekend.  Clothing and linens sorting happens next week.  Book culling will be the week after.  The kitchen — good lord, the kitchen — will probably take all of Labor Day weekend just to get through the gadgets.

Specific tips and tricks from those who’ve succeeded at seriously simplifying their lives are welcome.  Generic “pick up every item and determine whether or not you really need it” suggestions, not so much.