I can be a bit of a bitch to work for. I’m demanding, impatient, and have very high expectations. At the same time I do my best to explain myself clearly (I don’t always succeed), won’t ask my staff to do work I’m not willing to do myself, forgive errors when they’re ‘fessed up to, and praise liberally when praise is earned.

My assistant therefore deserves every accolade I can muster for his work this week. I had a 70 hour week planned before one of our projects exploded Tuesday morning; in fewer than 75 consecutive hours, for less than $75, J learned a new program, interfaced with multiple departments, and built a gloriously simple, clean, inviting, and fresh eCommerce extension for us off of Amazon.com. He is the best guy in the world, and I am thrilled to have him on my team.

And now, summertime Friday night or not, I’m going to crawl into bed.