Confession Time: I’ve slowly been amassing fashion/style/”trendy decor” magazines in my living room and various style blogs on my Google Reader account over the last year. (I realize quite well that my sixteen-year-old self would want to hold me up at knife point for this transgression of my youthful “ideals.”)  The thing is, reading these periodicals (where reading is mainly poring over photos, captions, and credits) is brilliant inspiration for designing the kind of websites I do — sites with one agenda that ask for a single (or at most, two) course of action to be taken by visitors, that are clipped live for just 6 weeks to 12 months, and that are constantly re-engaging existing constituents as well as drawing in new ones, and engaging them to a level where they’re immediately inspired to take action.  Fresh, new, hip, hot — it’s important that our work feel fresh and trendy without actually being trend-setting (because at the end of the day I’m a fund-raiser, not a trendy designer — thankfully, as I’m quite good at the former and disastrous at the latter).

That said, I’ve taken more than web design inspiration from my new reading material.  Today I put together an actual outfit to wear — not a uniform of straight-leg trousers, fitted blouse, and heeled shoes as I typically pull together for most days in the summer.  An outfit with disparate pieces, that weren’t necessarily designed to go together.  I feel a little delighted with myself – as if I’d love to step out of the office swinging a boxy little purse (which is the one thing I don’t have) and hopping on a trolley car to New York for the day, to have an adventure.   Who knew that non-costume, ordinary, everyday clothes could do that!?

I wish I had a camera, as I’d have someone snap a photo of me.  Instead, a description will have to do:

  • A-line wrap dress of uncrushable jersey, in a black and white vertical geometric print
  • A fitted black blazer with a seamless peplum-style cut, the tiniest notched collar, and angled flap pockets – with the sleeves rolled up (and under) to the elbow
  • My favorite red wedge heels with rounded toes and a scalloped cut
  • Crystal earrings that dangle nearly to my shoulders, shown off since I’ve pinned up my hair

Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out
Strut down the street and have your picture took
Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about
That Sunday shine is a certain sign
That you feel as fine as you look!

I don’t begrudge a moment of work or stress today.