For those of you also thinking well of Becca and her family on their transition to Vermont, an update:

  • The house is small (perhaps smaller than expected), but well-proportioned and “already feels like home”
  • The car now has a new battery, so she’s no longer stranded in a strange town without transportation
  • LittleOne loves her new school, but is exhausted and sleeping early rather than jabbering about it
  • Nonna has come to visit for a few days, assisting with unpacking and organizing and sanity-keeping
  • I can only assume that the Teacher-man is doing well, because I heard nothing to the contrary
  • Internet will be a few more days, so the most she’s managing at the moment are sporadic tweets on Twitter.  You can follow her there at
  • Listening to her voice, she sounds calmer and more relaxed than at any other time in the last month.