I have, on occasion, been guilty of making split second decisions. Maybe once or twice… a day. I’ve just made another one.

With 30 days left in my little house, I’ve just cancelled my telephone and internet service. I was having connectivity problems and the support guy was going to send a technician on a service call Monday, meaning that I would need to be here. For 30 days? SO not worth it. Instead, I cancelled both services effective today.

I have my blackberry, so basic contact is all out there, but not to the degree I’m used to being plugged in.

•No working from home (I wonder if my time management skills will improve?)
•no iTunes downoads or new podcasts
•No way I’ll be able to follow 127 blogs, though I will pull my favorites into a new gReader account that I’ll read via bberry (hint: this would be a great time to include full content in your feed display)
•no catching up with Keith or Rachel online
•no moment-to-moment chat or updates via Digsby (Twitter App recs for bberry, anyone?)

I’m looking forward to the time-away-from-desk, though. This will be the most unplugged I’ll have been since Christmas of 1994, when my parents first pulled the internet into our house.

Here’s hoping I don’t implode.

(Also, for the record, not moving to NYC in 30 days, just vacating the house in favor of crashing with family for a bit. No way I’m leaving Saratoga before my twin nephews are born!)