In case anyone is confused about my actual thoughts on the RNC’s candidate for Vice President…

Many thanks to my friend LeiaBelle, who compiled a list of news resources detailing why Sarah Palin’s political and governmental opinions/decisions/stands/actions make her utterly unsuitable for a position of national leadership in the United States of America.

For your perusal:

  1. She has no idea what the VP does (with video!)
  2. The McCain campaign claims that her PTA involvement counts as experience and the start of her political career
  3. She was until recently a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, a secessionist party whose slogan is, “Alaska First, Alaska Always”, and she spoke at their 2008 convention
  4. She was almost recalled as mayor of Wasilla for firing the Police Chief and Library Director as retribution for not supporting her in her 1996 mayoral campaign
  5. As mayor, she asked the Wasilla librarian how to go about banning books from the library, and threatened to fire the librarian when she objected
  6. Also as mayor, she put the town so far in debt due to mismanagement of a land deal that it amounted to $3000 per capita
  7. She served as director of Ted Stevens’ 527 group, Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.
  8. She claimed to have been against Stevens’ Bridge to Nowhere, but actually supported it
  9. As governor, she relied on an earmark system she now opposes
  10. She’s been placed under investigation for abuse of powerformer Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner claims that Palin’s staff pressured him to fire her state trooper brother-in-law, who was in the process of getting divorced from Palin’s sister. She’s hired a lawyer re: ongoing investigation; said lawyer has challenged the firing inquiry
  11. The replacement Commissioner of Public Safety, whom she appointed, had to quit after two weeks on the job due to renewed scrutiny of a 2005 sexual harassment complaint

While point 10 is troubling, I’m in the camp of “always innocent until proven guilty,” and many truly ethical people have been accused of things they are not guilty of. The hiring of a lawyer is normal and advisable in all such situations, and of course an attorney is going to attempt to have the issue dismissed out of hand — if successful, that’s the easiest win.

But in general, what these items tell me is that she’s willing to say what the majority of people want to hear while slyly working for her own agenda, she’s not at all thorough when it comes to vetting an individual’s suitability for a job and is wither lazy or merely unwilling to follow up on monitoring their behavior over time, she’s not only willing but eager to resort to bullying and threats in order to govern the way she sees fit, and she has zero ability to manage a budget appropriately.  Compound that with a political career that gives her few — if any — political contacts outside of Alaska, and I wonder what part of her actual job she would be capable of doing.