I’m house- and pet-sitting for Mom and Dad this weekend.  Well, that was the original plan.  Pack a bunch, move some things around, work the shop at the Warehouse tomorrow, spend Sunday with my friend Emily.  Have an ordinary (for me) weekend, while taking care of Miss Emily (the greyhound), Mr. Bear (the Hallowe’en cat), their huge house, and my little place.

I arrived home from the office and got down to business, only to realize that within an hour I’d packed everything I’d need for six months of living out of suitcases in various cities in different climates, as well as the books and projects I planned to finish before making a home in New York City.  So one phone call, a mad dash through the house to stuff toiletries and cats into carry-alls, and one tense drive later — kitties and I are safely ensconced in the spare room (and the rest of this enormous house).

Tomorrow I’ll see the washer/dryer safely picked up by it’s new owners, pocket the $750, move the computer, plants, and clothes on hangers … then all will be arranged here.  Next weekend everything else goes into storage and the ridiculous “breaking the damned lease” check goes to the landlord.  I suppose the good news about a horrendously stressful and sleepless week means that some of the tasky things are finished way ahead of schedule.

Anyone needing a new address or phone number for me, email utterings [at] gmail [dot] com. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping three small cats and a greyhound from driving each other insane.