If you – yes, you – are reading this post, I need your creative help for a moment.  Please click the button below and leave me a comment (or send an email to utterings[at]gmail[dot]com if you’d prefer your thoughts remain just between us), and tell me of one of the things you love about New York City. You can share more than one if you like, but please leave at least one.  A few topics to get you started:

  • Food (the best bagels ever?)
  • Culture (the St. Paddy’s Day parade?)
  • Entertainment (street dancers in the wee hours of Friday morning?)
  • History (the Fire Museum?)
  • Art (sculptured bike racks?)

The purpose of this query will be released in due time — and trust me when I say it’s a project that I’m super-excited about — and I’ll be sure to post notes and alerts here when all is in readiness.