The last week has been super-stressful and busy, thus the lack of posts. That state of affairs is likely to continue over the next ten days, but I shall attempt to rectify the situation with some thoughtful writing later in October. I’ll have a few train trips during which to put fingers to keys.

In the meantime, a bulleted list:

  • Today’s 6-hour, 17-member, nearly-full-team meeting was made of WIN. I absolutely love the people I work with, and how brilliant, creative, patient, and engaging they are.
  • The 8-hour drive, however, I could have done without. I feel like my tailbones are boring through my backside – and am typing while standing to alleviate the pressure.
  • Coordinator J has asked for recess during such days in the future: 10 minutes to run around like crazy in the sunshine prior to a working lunch. I’ve promised to make that a formal request.
  • Per this morning’s headlines, the New York Times is made of FAIL when it comes to providing unbiased money truth and, you know, NOT inciting mass financial panic.
  • Every few minutes I find myself wondering how my life changed course so radically that I became someone who reads the financial pages of the paper. Then I remember, “oh, yeah. Cancer.” And go back to work/reading the financial pages.
  • Living with my fabulously fun and terrific parents has proved wonderful so far, though I’m sure I’ll get on their nerves eventually. Thus far, I’ve learned that they watch a lot of television (albeit mainly as background noise when working on creative things). I’m pretty well hooked on Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, House, and Criminal Minds. Throw in Torchwood, and see an interesting combination of criminology, fantastical medicine, snarky commentary, calculated logic at the expense of emotional connection, some really gorgeous women, and Captain Jack Harkness. (He just defies categorization!)
  • Saturday is my darling friend Erica’s 30th birthday party extravaganza. I am heading to Somerville for the weekend, and plan to have a delightfully foolish time doing nothing work related, but instead spending time in some combination of party planning, drink mixing, dancing, and holding Ultimate Frisbee tweetups.
  • I still need to shop for a birthday present.
  • Speaking of shopping, I know I’m stressed because Retail Therapy has won out over financial prudence of late. I bought two pairs of gorgeous but impractical shoes on Saturday (a pair of pointy 3″ stiletto slingbacks in black leather with a double buckle detail, and a pair of buckled booties in black patent with a 3″ gradient column heel).
  • And recognizing stress for what it is, I have decided not to cut my hair. Since all of the photographs that I loved were reminiscent of High Romance styles of the 30s and 40s, I bought ceramic heat curlers, instead.
  • Wow. Coupled with magpie-like behavior over co-worker P’s gorgeous engagement ring this morning, those last two bullets really do show me off as such a *girl*.

Tomorrow is a work from home day. I am quite looking forward to hosting conference calls, messing about with my new Camtasia software and supercool headset mic, and responding to the 100+ email messages currently flashing on my blackberry — while lounging in my pajamas. Well, I’m not looking forward to facing the email, but I’m looking forward to the sense of accomplishment that will come from providing help to those who need it. In a sick and twisted, masochistic sort of way.

*takes aspirin for travel headache and crawls into bed*