I didn’t intend to space out on posting for the last two weeks, it just sort of happened.  And a handful of people (*ahem* people who never comment *pointed look toward Mary and Becky*) have pointed out the oversight.  Sorry about that, I’ll try to do better.

That’s not an idle promise, either; Saturday marks the start of NaBloPoMo, and I’ve signed up.  Which means that beginning on Saturday, I’m challenging myself:

National blog Posting Month

National Blog Posting Month

We’ll see what happens.

As for the hiatus, it was caused by a combination of factors: an insane amount of work, getting acclimated to living with other people again, spending time with friends, developing new plans and projects, and engaging online via Twitter and Facebook instead of blogs (and the feeds thereof).  My attention span has been non-existent; we’ll see what conscious effort can do to improve it.