As hotel rooms in NYC are astronomical during the Marathon, I’m hanging with friends in Connecticut this weekend and commuting to the office daily; Clay and his wife, Herself, are very graciously allowing me to stay, and saving ACS about $2K in travel expenses – for which I’m tremendously grateful and also super-excited.

Yesterday was quite a long day, as I woke up at 4:15 and fell asleep in an armchair while fast-forwarding commercials around my TV-girlfriend sometime around midnight, but it was full of awesome, too.

– The commute-by-train between their house and my NYC office is equal in time to my daily commute-by-car at home, plus a walk from GTC to West 32nd Street.

– I arrived in plenty of time to have a dinner-preparation party in the kitchen and cajole/coerce Clay into serenading us (with original music, as befits a composer/lyricist who’s piano sits in the dining room).

-They finally succeeded in introducing me to Sports Night, after five years of steady suggestions (verdict: I LOVE it. Dana (played by Felicity Huffman) bears many similarities to C.J. Cregg, so Sorkin has another winner as far as I’m concerned. Well, a precursor-to-West Wing winner, anyway.

And, of course, we talked music and politics and living in NYC and blogs, and gushed over Rachel’s new show and just generally geeked out over a great many things.

Today is a workday for all, and I’m attempting to brave the subway solo again. Hopefully this time I won’t get lost and turn into a little spaz.