I just spent the day volunteering at a Cheering Station for ACS Charity Runners in the NYC Marathon. It was an awesome day: people (both runners and spectators) in a sea of swirling human endurance and gaiety, filling first avenue for as far as I could see up- or downtown. It solidified this strange, bizarro desire to become a runner. I’m not interested in the punishing distances of a marathon (I like that running makes me feel good, after all), but the challenge, the physical test, the striving to see what the human body can do is incredibly inspiring.

I don’t have the language-facility to do justice to the day (as anyone following my live-tweets of the event at Twitter can attest) but there is one image that struck me, for which this post will serve as a reminder.

1. Many runners in today’s race wore costumes – some simple, some elaborate.

2. Charity Runners, marathon runners who raise thousands and thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society while training for their races, are heroes – they choose challenges for themselves and work to help others overcome challenges that they didn’t choose.

I would totally volunteer as the Costumer of a CR race, setting up our runners in costumes for members of The Justice League. It just seems to fit.