I’m on my fourth (and final) round-trip commuter-rail ride in as many days. I love train-travel, but I’ve found this weekend that a 15-minute-to-station walk, a 65-minute train ride, and a 20-minute-from-station-walk, plus a return trip, is too much daily transit time for me. Not at all too much time for a timetable-less visit with friends, but far too much time spent getting back and forth between home and work.

This is a great thing to have learned now; it’s yet another relocation aid. As I said to my seatmate on yesterday’s commute (who is packing up and moving to Paris on Thursday), “This is an awesome adventure. I’m going to do it right, and I’m the only one who can choose what right is.”

Ah, trains. Providers of thought-time, conversation partners, and blogging-by-blackberry opportunities.