I can’t quite wrap my mind around the world now as opposed to the world 53 minutes ago.

I have a very solid understanding of how privileged I am — a white, middle-class, highly educated American is privileged in any group of people — but as a woman and as a lesbian, there have been times when I have felt, and times when I have been afraid and isolated and utterly without power. On this side of the announcement that Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States, America is no longer a place where discrimination can exist.

It’s as if every barrier ever erected has been removed, and the American ideal of a meritocracy has truly come to pass.

EDIT: My President has just used the words “gay or straight,” referring to all people in a unified America, an America he chooses to lead. My President, the man that is choosing to lead this nation, is choosing to lead all of it. And he took the first two minutes of his acceptance speech to be sure that I knew that he was choosing to talk to me.