I’ve been listening to the AT&T Olympics soundtrack since August, and there’s a song that is far more appropriate to this moment in politics than it is to any moment of the Olympic games.

Tonight we stand, we get off our knees
Fight for what we worked for all these years
The battle was long, it’s the fight of our lives
But we stand up champions tonight
It was the night things changed
Can you see it now?
These walls that they put up to hold us back fell down
This revolution, throw your hands up, cause we never gave in
We’ll sing hallelujah
We’ll sing hallelujah
Taylor Swift, Change

President Obama, you are the chosen leader of America. The *chosen* leader. And you are an incredible representation of what this country, and it’s people can be and strive to become. The Democratic ideal, that we can earn anything, can learn anything, can become anything, is *true* tonight. It is as if, finally, all who have ever been powerless are so no longer. As if all walls, every wall, ever built to keep people out, have been ripped down.

At many times in the last decade have I dreamed that this might one day be true. At no time in the last year have I ever thought it would be true now, tonight, in 2008.

America, the Beautiful.