I am notoriously bad at small talk.

I’m not a fan of short conversations about nothing. (One-liners as commentary on a conversation or observation is another story, of course.)

I’m not immediately comfortable with people I don’t know, which makes it more difficult for me to drum up conversation topics relevant to an individual within the first two minutes of being introduced. (See previous note about my disinterest in talking about nothing.)

I prefer to spend my time on endeavors that make me think; I like conversation about big issues and ideologies and philosophies that get people riled up and invested – like politics and religion. (That generally makes me unpopular at any but the Thinkiest cocktail parties.)

All of that being the case, you can imagine that Gala events are not my preferred way to spend an evening: squeezed into uncomfortable clothes, surrounded by people watching one another eat, and being on someone else’s “best behavior.”

Seems a little odd that tonight’s event then elicited a “yay” response, but it did. Exhausted, sleepy, with improvement feedback, and having had a good time. Cool.

Note:This wold have been made yesterday, but I fell asleep as I was typing it on blackberry. NaBloPoMo lives!