I’m not planning to move until April, but every so often (every three days or so) I pop onto the newyork.craigslist/org apartment listings in manhattan, and poke around the neighborhoods I like.  It’s alway s”just to look,” to get a feel for what’s going on where.

Which explains how I’m now in the predicament of having sent my first official query out to a rental agent about a flat. A “large, quiet studio” in Chelsea, about 8 blocks from my office, on the West side, with easy access to many of the things I already love about my new city. What got me to send the query is the price (yay!), the address (a part of Chelsea I quite like, actually, in spite of my general discomfort in July), and the fact that it’s listed as ” Available for lease beginning February 1st 2009…lease is for one year with option to renew.”

We’ll see what will happen; I asked for photos, some square footage information, and the opportunity to apply in absentia, as I can’t plan a trip into the city until Sunday, at the earliest.

I’m a little freaked out by “February 1,” as that’s significantly earlier than I’ve been planning for, but it’s a bridge I can cross later. First steps are first steps, and from what I hear, I’m 99.9% likely to get a “no” response from the landlord. We shall see.