My greatest asset as a human being is the degree to which I emotionally invest myself in my life. It’s also a gaping hole of a weakness, as it can be very hard for me to distance myself from something in order to get an “appropriate” perspective. (It doesn’t help that I’m a big picture thinker, and can see all of the ways that a choice or decision or element can impact everything and anything else.) As a result of this personal tendency, I’ve been absolutely furious for the better part of a week over something that is beyond my control, and which shouldn’t be taking up so much of my time or attention. Thus, no postings. Thus, a marked lack of conversation emanating from this quarter.

I’m far too irritated for an apology to be anything less than sarcastic, so that mere hint of explanation will have to suffice.

When I’m feeling less than talkative, I make it a point to focus on some of the design-and-photography blogs that I follow. (Because I’m a sensory-loving Taurus, so “pretty” and “artistic” and “luxury” do a world of good in making me feel better.) Today, I have a delightfully inspiring wintertime discovery to share.

The incredibly creative team of Holly Becker (decor8) and Ez Pudewa (Creature Comforts) have teamed up for a new project, called Kindred. Primarily a celebration of kindred spirits and friends, Kindred is also a celebration of “the happiness of giving and receiving.”

The first project is a selection of of gorgeous wallpapers celebrating the advent of winter. Check out the gallery and let the artists know what you think! (Jennifer Causey’s Christmas-lit Chair is my new desktop background.)