I have hunted and gathered, on perhaps the most intimidating day to hunt and gather in America, the day after Thanksgiving. When normal human beings turn into rabid animals lusting for blood — blood in the shape of cheap goods. I don’t do a lot of traditional “shopping” for Christmas, so there was no tearing through department stores, list in hand, seeking the best price on whatever is “the cool thing” to give this year. There were a few sales that I wanted to take advantage of, though, so I now have winter underarmour for running in sub-zero temperatures, two pairs of running shoes (for the price of one!), and the soundtrack to Love Actually (the best contemporary Christmas movie).

I also have all the makings for Boeuf Bourguignon, including two pounds of perfectly marbled stew tips, a sack of gorgeous mushrooms, and a terrific bottle of wine.  (The day after Thanksgiving is the single *best* day to visit the grocer’s; I had half of the produce section to myself.)  The rest of the weekend will be quite simple, full of cooking, sewing up half-finished holiday projects, completing embroidery on stockings for the twins, and decorating the Christmas Tree.  Clearly my craft muse has struck again, as she does every year around the end of daylight savings time.

Such a plan for decadent industry.