There was a party in Becky’s hospital room last night; Mom had her camera in hand, as usual.

the babies outnumber their parents

Children outnumbering their parents! Rory is in the white cap, Liam is in blue, and Freddy is clambering above, peeking over the pillow

The twins are doing beautifully well. They’re fraternal rather than identical, but look very much alike. (Is that because all babies look alike?) The half-pound difference does make it easy to tell them apart when they’re lying next to each other, but otherwise we’re relying on color-coded hats and their safety tags — Liam’s is on his left ankle, Rory’s is on his right — to tell them apart.

Freddy isn’t quite sure what to make of his little brothers yet.  He’s been trying to poke his fingers into their mouths to check for teeth, but otherwise ignores them since they don’t “play back” yet.  (He was far more interested in the lego dump truck that Mim and Pip brought to the hospital for him to play with, and the giggling stuffed animals he gave to the twins.) Within a few months, though, he’ll be hamming it up for a laughing, captive audience.

More “welcome to the world party” photos are available at Shutterfly, courtesy of my Mom.