• 06:53 I can’t force my feet into heeled shoes today — it’s been too long a week. *throws clogs in bag and heads to the office* #
  • 10:08 I’ve been unconsciously singing along with my iPod all morning; my coworkers just asked me to close my door for noise control. Embarassing! #
  • 10:56 @ericagee That sounds lovely. #
  • 17:05 I am ON VACATION! w00t! (Only 2 days later than planned, with the best staff EVER.) Now, I can finally get excited about Christmas! #
  • 17:28 Heading to a snowball fight – is your money on Team America or Team Denmark? #
  • 22:34 Just saw Torchwood ep "Cpt Jack Harkness." Just the type of anguish & melancholy that reminds me how I wish I could have joined the Navy. 😦 #

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