Visitors to my blog (as opposed to those who read by syndication at livejournal or facebook, or within a feed reader) will notice a few changes of late:

  • Given the wintry feel out of doors I needed a change from the lush green grasses of my original layout. The new look and feel is clean, soft, and rather white.  And really, who doesn’t want a warm cup of tea when they sit down for a little reading?
  • There is now a disclaimer in the top right hand corner that you can’t help but see upon visiting the site.  I didn’t realize that it was necessary to say this (as I assumed everyone already knew), but here goes: This is a personal weblog. While I speak about healthcare and nonprofit issues from time to time, the opinions and ideas expressed in this space are mine alone, and do not represent the opinions or positions of my employer. Just in case there was any doubt. (Seems a long shot to me, since there are times when it’s pretty clear that I radically disagree with the official position of my employer. Whatever.)
  • I’ve doubled the size of my blogroll (and my Google Reader subscriptions), so feel free to click around a bit if you’re searching for inspiration, snark, or neighborhood-living news from New York City. (NOTE: if the proliferation of neighborhoody blogs was a factor in determining where I plan to live, Brooklyn would win hands down. So many brilliant blogs!)
  • The “tags” and “categories” sections are under construction. I realized how impossibly unorganized I have been, so am attempting to rectify that with a new “filing system” of sorts. Cataloguing 125 posts will take me a few days, though.

Even when i’m on vacation, I can’t help but spend time online.