Work, work, work, work, work, Babies!, work, work, work, work, cuddling babies, work, work, work, AUGH WORK!, work, social media, work, work, work, vacation?, work, crash.

That’s pretty much what I remember of December, 2009.  For the last four years, December has been the slow month — spend the work days tying up loose ends, writing holiday cards, making vacation plans, clearing out the mailbox, and clearing the slate in preparation for the new year.  This year, I spent four months convincing TPTB at work that we needed to do some end-of-year eCommunication; there went my slow month.  (Preliminary feedback indicates that the insane hours have been absolutely worth it, too.)

So, it’s now (almost) December 20, and I’m on holiday.  Christmas is 5 days away; I’ve not sent cards, or planned baking, completed shopping, started wrapping, or enjoyed any of the anticipatory build-up to Christmas Day. This feels distinctly odd.

That said, I also feel no compulsion to go nuts in the next four days, with a flurry of gift making, baking, letter writing, etc.  I’d rather watch my nephews meet Fire Truck!Santa, partake in a massive snowball fight with the Ex-pats and Vikings, play games with my family, and wander shops in search of stocking stuffers, sweet cards, and edible treats. Watch holiday musicals (White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Meet Me in St. Louis) and listen to carols (including my new Jingle Spells CD) while finishing up the embroidery on Christmas stockings for the twins. Plan miniature road-trips to visit friends and family I haven’t seen in far too long.

I’ll buy cookies and send eCards this year, and enjoy a stress-free holiday.  Hope no one minds. More importantly, I hope everyone else is able to enjoy what makes you happiest this season. Love and merrirment to all.